Peter the Apostle
William Thomas Walsh

This modern biography of the Prince of the Apostles is one of the few works of its kind on a subject strangely neglected. It is written in the beautiful and lucid prose one has come to expect from the author of Philip II, St. Teresa of Avila, and Our Lady of Fatima.

William Thomas Walsh has brought together and skilfully arranged all the scattered facts that archaeology, tradition, and the New Testament narratives provide. The result is a vivid and dramatic record of the development of a simple soul into the majestic saint who was called to be the Rock.

Many mysteries about St. Peter are probed and explained in this fine book: the motivation of his denials of his Lord, the friendship and disagreement with St. Paul, his sorrowful decision to separate the Church from the synagogue in which it was cradled and to which it owed so much.

Peter the Apostle, without fictionalizing, has the suspense, the movement and the colour of a good novel.