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Virtues in St. Josemaria Escriva

Pages: 238

This first volume of the St Josemaría Escrivá Lexicon with entries related to “Virtues”, aims to give English-speaking readers an opportunity to reflect on these virtues in the light of the teachings of the founder of Opus Dei. St Josemaría’s concern with virtues is almost exclusively ascetical; his goal in discussing them is to help people to practise them in daily .life
This volume will also prove a useful resource for formational activities geared to helping people find holiness in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life, for St Josemaría was “a saint of the ordinary”, as Pope St John Paul II called him

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Be Who You Are: Developing Your Christian Personality


As St. Catherine of Siena so aptly stated, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!" Despite our fallen natures, we have the ability, through the solid  Christian understanding of the human person, body and soul, how we can  rise above it all. The authors guide us towards spiritual maturity, by  teaching us how to improve one's personality, self-esteem, and virtue,  without imitating models that distract us from our own identity. We  learn how to live a happier and more coherent life, and how to acquire  greater empathy with others especially with our own family members and  those in our immediate environment.