tn_four last things

The Four Last Things - The Supplication of Souls - A Dialogue on Conscience

Thomas More


In The
Four Last Things, More prescribes frequent meditation on Death, Judgment, Pain and Joy in order to combat the spiritual diseases of pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth.
The Supplication of Souls is More’s vigorous, humorous, and artful defence of one of the flashpoints of the Reformation: the Catholic dogma of Purgatory. It is his devastating response to a defamatory political tract that claimed that the ‘greed and corruption’ of English clergymen stemmed from their insistence on being paid to pray for the dead.
A Dialogue on Conscience sets forth More’s reasons for refusing to abjure his Catholic faith by taking the oath of allegiance to King Henry VIII as the head of the Church in England. It illustrates why More has a deserved place among the Church?s greatest saints and martyrs.