Favours of St. Josemaria Escriva

Flavio Capucci

ISBN: 1594170045

From the moment he died, people all over the world began to call upon St. Josemaria. Rome received more than 120,000 signed claims of those testimonies, collected and edited by Msgr. Flavio Capucci, postulator for the cause of St. Josemaria's canonization.
These are first-person accounts - often by the very people who received the favors - of how St. Josemaria rescued people from:
- Alcoholism, heroin addiction, and other addictions
- Broken marriages and infidelity
- Broken families and estrangement between parents and children
- Infertility and difficult pregnancies
- Loneliness and inability to find a mate
- Suicidal depression, anorexia, and other devastating emotional problems
- Many more...
This book even contains accounts of how St. Josemaria helped them find lost objects and deal with small domestic annoyances. As Msgr. Joaquin Alonso (who worked with St. Josemaria for twenty years) explains in his foreword, this emphasizes that God's love extends to the smallest details of life, and that it is every Christian's privilege and duty to live a life of holiness whatever his or her state in life: married or single, sick or well, young or old, poor or rich.