Cures - Through the intercession of St Josemaria Escriva

Flavio Capucci


A compilation of 18 miraculous favours obtained through the intercession of Saint Josemara Escriva. Using the testimony of families, friends and other witnesses, Msgr. Flavio Capucci shows how God's work continues to transform lives, sometimes miraculously.
The 1976 cure of a Spanish nun's cancer confirmed the beatification of Josemara Escriva in 1992.That same year, a surgeon's hands were saved from a career-ending disease, a case which allowed the canonization of Josemara Escriv to proceed in 2002.
Msgr. Capucci writes in his preface, "The favours reported in this book are presented not only to show the effectiveness of St Josemaria's intercession, but also to strengthen the reader's faith in the loving power of God, our Father, who always hears the prayers of his children and grants what is best for them."