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The Christmas Crib that God made
Henry Hernandez

ISBN 0 906138 62 - 0

“The Christmas Crib that God made” is a book for Christmas and for any time of the year. It was written primarily for grown-ups, as long as they are able to behave like children in front of the crib.
It isn’t quite the kind of book that one normally comes across. Its author, who is the first to recognise this, assures us that the ones to blame are the kindergarten girls at his school, who forced him to become a story teller.
From the very beginning the reader recognises that the crib is a marvellous work of art  with which God wished to crown the world even before he created it. We have in our hands a divine play, in which God makes use of everything he has created: from a star which fulfills its majestic role, to the donkey who has to play its own part, which is just as necessary.
And since the stage is universal, we too have a particular role. And it is now that the script begins to awaken in us the part we too can play.
Henry Hernandez, as a narrator, clearly shows that poetic reasoning can be much more enlightening pure reason when it comes to relating a story as moving as The Christmas Crib that God made.
Henry Hernandez was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1941. He graduated in Law (1963) and then obtained a doctorate in Theology (1968). He was ordained in 1969 for the Opus Dei Prelature. Since then his pastoral work has almost exclusively been as chaplain to university students and to schools.